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Sony Vue TV To Add A La Carte TV Channels Soon

Yesterday at E3, Sony announced their Playstation TV service called Vue TV is expanding to San Francisco and Los Angeles. More importantly, Sony announced that they will be offering a la carte TV service in select cities. There is currently no release date or further details, but you will need to be in one of […]

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Editorial: The Real Danger to Cord Cutting Is Device Exclusivity…

There are many dangers facing cord cutting: data caps to limit how much you can watch; ISPs raising rates; and cable companies limiting access to content. While these are all real threats to cord cutting, the largest threat is device exclusivity. Increasingly, more services are becoming device specific. Sony’s Vue TV service, HBO Now, Showtime’s […]

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Why Different Streaming Services Have Different Versions of The Same Movie

“Star Trek” is now on several streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant. The catch is there are different versions on each streaming service. For example, Netflix has the original version of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” in standard definition (SD). Amazon Prime Instant has “Star Trek: The Next Generation” in a re-mastered version […]

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Our Weekend Viewing Guide For Jun 12th 2015.

If you would like to watch the movie just click on the movie name. Documentary: On the Way to School – Netflix In this inspiring documentary, four children from disparate environments around the globe face daunting challenges as they make their way to school. Action: Inglorious Basterds – Netflix A Jewish cinema owner in occupied […]

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