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AMC Feels It Is “Well-Positioned” For Cord Cutting

AMC has been slowly becoming more cord cutting friendly. Now it seems the executives at AMC are working hard to offer its content to cord cutters. “We think it’s really important to be wherever our passionate fans want to consume our content,” Bob Broussard, president of distribution for AMC Networks, said. “A lot of our […]

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Cheerful couple cuddling and sitting on the couch watching tv at home in the living room

5 Things to Know Before You Sign Up For YouTube TV

This week Google rolled out its long-awaited live TV streaming service, YouTube TV, but before you sign up make sure you know these five things. #1 YouTube TV Costs More on iOS… Are you an Apple user? Don’t sign up for YouTube TV with iTunes. Google will charge you an extra $5 a month to […]

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Netflix Has a New Plan to Promote Its Original Shows

Netflix is working hard to help you find a great new show. Yesterday some Reddit users pointed out that Netflix now has a screen saver that will promote Netflix originals you might like. Any time you forget about Netflix on the home screen don’t be surprised if you find a new screen saver. This only […]

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All Dogs

Here is Everything Being Added for FREE on Vudu in April

Love free movies? Well Vudu has some new ones they hope you will enjoy. Coffy Nibbles: Black Mama, White Mama Black Mama, White Mama Sheba, Baby Scream, Blacula, Scream! Foxy Brown Nibbles: Foxy Brown Dead Like Me: Life After Death College (Theatrical) Dances with Wolves Be Cool Delirious A Fish Called Wanda Fascination Cold Turkey […]

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