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Rokus Are On Sale! Soon Roku LT For Only $28!

The Roku  Black Friday sale has started! You can find the full details of the sale here: Rokus have lowered their price on Amazon and more importantly Amazon announced the Roku LT will be part of their 8 days of black Friday. At some point the Roku LT will be only $28. A great […]

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New Details On YouTube’s Paid Subscription Plans

We recently received a screen shot from a questioner on a St Louis newspaper’s website. These short surveys are offered in exchange for free access to a story on their site. The first question apparently asking how often you watch YouTube and the second one asked about a paid subscription plan for YouTube. Well this […]

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Review of the Mohu Sky 60 Antenna

Last week I helped my brother set up a new Mohu Sky 60 antenna in his attic. The Sky 60 antenna is a multidirectional antenna and was replacing a direction antenna he already had. With his old antenna he was unable to receive NBC and a few other smaller channels. If he moved it to […]

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Netflix Is Coming To Australia In 2015

Netfix has announced that it will be launching in Australia sometime in 2015. Already many in Australians use VPNs to access Netflix. Some estimated 200,000 Australians already have Netflix accounts and will now have the ability to use Netflix without VPNs or DNS services. This announcement did not go unnoticed by Australian cable companies. Foxtel this week […]

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