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Cord Cutting is About to Get 50 Million New Members…

Cord Cutting has never been easier with new streaming services and better over-the-air TV, making ditching traditional pay TV options, such as cable, easier than ever. Now it looks like millions of Americans are about to join in. By 2018 eMarketer predicts that over 60 million Americans will have ditched pay TV and joined the […]

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Here is Everything Coming to Hulu in June

Coming to Hulu in June 2016: Available June 1 America’s Got Talent: Season 11 Premiere Maya & Marty in Manhattan: Series Premiere Southland: Complete Season 1-5 Apocalypse Now Apocalypse Now Redux The Black Stallion Carrie Criminal Law CSNY: Déjà vu Death Wish 2 Double Whammy Foolish The Golden Child The Good, The Bad and The […]

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AT&T Makes Changes to Their Data Caps

In what is probably a surprise to no one, AT&T is changing their data cap policy in response to recent changes at Comcast. If you have DSL, sorry, you are still stuck at 150GB a month—a painfully low cap; however, if you have AT&T Uverse Internet you now have a new rate. If you have […]

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Here is Everything Coming to Netflix in June

June 1 “7 Chinese Brothers” (2015) “72 Cutest Animals” (Season 1) “72 Dangerous Places” (Season 1) “A Walk to Remember” (2002) “Big Stone Gap” (2014) “Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere” (1990) “Breaking the Magician’s Code” (Season 1-2) “Cold in July” (2014) “Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land On The Moon?” (2001) “Cuba: The Forgotten Revolution” (2015) […]

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HBO Cracks Down on Pirates

HBO has a long history of cracking down on pirates who torrent, stream, or otherwise access HBO shows without paying for them. The crackdown from HBO has started up again in force since HBO released HBO NOW, a streaming service that allows cord cutters to access HBO shows and even a live stream without the […]

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PlayStation Vue Saw Significant Subscriber Growth After Adding This One Channel…

The PlayStation Vue service has become the main competitor to the live cable channel streaming service Sling TV. These streaming services give cord cutters contract-free options to stream many popular cable channels online without a cable subscription. Yet the PlayStation Vue was not always that successful… The PlayStation Vue started off as a regional streaming service […]

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Netflix Is Testing Out a New App on Roku

Netflix has started to roll out its new Roku app to more users. If you ended up in the lucky test group you may have had this app for some time, but now even more people are starting to see it. So what is this new app? In short it is similar to the old […]

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