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Netflix Renews ‘Narcos’ For Season 3 & 4

Netflix just announced that they have renewed Narcos for two more season. Season two of Netflix hit show Narcos just hit Netflix last week. Season three of Netflix’s Original Show Narcos is expected in late 2017. Narcos Plot Summery: In the first season of Netflix’s hit original show Narcos the life of Pablo Escobar was chronicled from the late 1970s, when he first began manufacturing […]

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Netflix Just Released a New Trailer for “Extremis” a Short Documentary Looking at The End of Life

“Extremis” is a short documentary, from Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Dan Krauss. The short doc follows the harrowing decisions doctors, families and patients face in urgent end-of-life case, and is shot in cinema verité style. Filmed at the Highland Hospital in Oakland, California, Netflix claims the film “offers a uniquely intimate look at the intersection of science, […]

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The “MythBusters” Build Team Has a New Show on Netflix

The M6 Build Team from “MythBusters” is coming back to TV with a brand-new show on Netflix. The new show is called “The White Rabbit Project” and will star Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci, and Kari Byron. The show was described as a “‘MythBusters’ in Wonderland” concept and will likely follow the general concept of the […]

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The Olympics Set New Records for Antenna Sales

This year’s Olympics ended up being the first time that cord cutters could access every event even though there was no free option. Not only was the Olympics Games friendly to cord cutters it also ended up being friendly to antenna companies. According to Channel Master, antenna companies saw an over 1,200% increase in antenna […]

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Netflix Family

Would You Pay More For Netflix?

Many Netflix subscribers just saw their prices raised as grandfathered deals ended. Would you pay more for Netflix? Recently Digitalsmiths, a Tivo-owned research company, asked 3,114 adults and found out that most Netflix customers loved the service so much they would be willing to pay more for it: 39.1% said they would pay $12–15 a […]

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Fire TV 36

Expired: Today is The Last Day of The Fire TV Sale

If you want a cheap Fire TV get it today before the sale ends. Fire TV just $84.99 From Amazon: 4,000 apps, channels, and games Over 250,000 TV episodes and movies Now with Alexa, use your Fire TV Voice Remote to check local theater times, news, sports scores, the weather, play music, and more – […]

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