Peacock Added 4M Subscribers in Q1, Reaching 13M Paid Subs

Comcast announced in its Q1 2022 earnings report that its streaming service, Peacock, added 4 million paid subscribers in the first quarter, bringing its total to over 13 million paid subs along with 28 million monthly active accounts in the U.S. That number is up from 24.5 million monthly active accounts at the end of 2021.

The streaming service drew in new subscribers with the help of the Winter Olympics, the Super Bowl, and sales, according to Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, who wrote in the report that the service had “an exceptional quarter.” The company noted that subscriber growth won’t be as strong in the coming quarters but that we’re likely to see another spike in numbers toward the end of the year, with help from NBC’s NFL games coming to the streaming service and Peacock gaining exclusive streaming rights to NBC shows that have previously been available on Hulu.

Along with sharing Peacock numbers, Comcast mentioned its new partnership with Charter, which was announced yesterday. “This partnership demonstrates the benefits of our focus on innovation and enables us to bring entertainment aggregation and streaming products that run off our global technology platform to millions more customers,” Roberts wrote in the earnings report.

For the new platform, Comcast will license Flex, its current streaming platform and hardware, along with the free streaming service Xumo which the company acquired in 2020, and the retail business for XClass TVs. Charter will contribute $900 million over multiple years.