Peacock Adds Offline Viewing Feature

Peacock has added a new feature that lets you download titles to your device for offline viewing, letting you take your shows on the go even in no wifi areas. That means you don’t have to use up your mobile data when watching on your phone too.

Just like Hulu and CBS All Access, this offline viewing feature is only available to viewers with the ad-free Peacock Premium Plus plan that’s $9.99 a month, or $4.99 for Comcast or Cox subscribers. Users watching the free ad-supported content as well as the Peacock Premium version won’t be able to download shows.

On average, a 1 hour show will require about 500MB of storage on your device.

This highly requested feature has been in the works since the NBCUniversal streaming service launched in July, but is now finally live for ad-free subscribers.

Peacock has been busy adding new content to its library and most recently announced the addition of the entire Saturday Night Live catalogue. That’s 45 seasons of the classic comedy sketch show for you to binge this fall. Peacock currently only has a few episodes here and there available on the platform. But now NBC’s long-running skits will be available in their entirety starting October 1.