Peacock has Added 5 Million Subscribers Since July

Today, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts revealed Peacock’s subscriber count spiked 50% over the last six weeks. The streamer closed out July with 10 million subscribers but has now surged to 15 million since then, Deadline reports.

At a virtual media conference hosted by Goldman Sachs, Roberts also assured that Peacock will have a full lineup of new programming for 2021 and even come out with a strong fall schedule in November of this year now that TV production is able to resume. He also revealed the obvious, that budgets will be tight coming off a year with no revenue produced by highly lucrative theater premieres.

Another tough hit Comcast-owned NBC Universal suffered in 2020 is theme park attendance. What was once the film studio’s largest growing source of revenue has become obsolete amid a pandemic world, and Roberts doesn’t see attendance ramping up for the parks anytime soon. Roberts said the parks have clearly taken the biggest from COVID-19.

During the conference, Roberts also touched on Comcast’s unique positioning in the ever-changing landscape that is digital media, saying Comacas’t big broadband presence is the key to the company’s success in the future. Media and tech companies have been overlapping in the past years, and Comcast is well-positioned to take on the new terrain with its cable, broadband, and video streaming service Peacock.

The key to success in this tech climate is the crossover, “And what’s at the center of that no matter where you come from is broadband,” Roberts said.  “We are there, we saw this coming [so] we are one of the best positioned companies to play offense.”