Peacock is Ahead of Projections According to NBCUniversal CEO’s Vague Updates

Comcast failed to give us any stats on Peacock’s success during the company’s quarterly earnings call, but NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell did hint that things were going well for the streaming service.

“Everything on Peacock is heading in the right direction,” Shell said. “There’s really nothing, from a trajectory perspective, that’s any different than it was last quarter or the quarter before. All metrics are pointed up. Our usage continues to be great, our mix of users continues to be great. We added a few million more subs, more monthly active users.”

So according to these less than concrete updates, Peacock sounds like it’s on track. The streamer had two day-and-date releases recently, Halloween Kills this month and the Boss Baby sequel in July that both did well according to Shell, but again no numbers were divulged.

Overall, Shell says the company is “way ahead of where we expected to be,” with Peacock.