Peacock is Beginning to Roll Out on Roku

After a day of back and forth negotiations between NBCUniversal and Roku, the two companies announced Friday that Peacock would be available on Roku “in the coming weeks.” It now looks like we’re getting closer to seeing the app become available Roku users.

A Cord Cutters News reader shared that Peacock is now available as private Roku channel with the code PEACOCK. Private channels, also called hidden channels, are now available in the Roku Channel Store but must be added manually, usually with a code.

To add the channel, start by signing up for a Peacock subscription. Then, login to your Roku account and click here to navigate to the Peacock Roku channel. If you’re prompted to enter a code, enter PEACOCK. The channel will be installed on your Roku device and you’ll be able to sign into your Peacock account to start streaming.

We heard from the two companies that the app was ready to be launched as soon as a deal was made, but this is the first step before that launch can happen. Because this is a private channel, it likely means that Peacock and Roku are testing out the app and working out any bugs that might need to be resolved before making the app widely available. It also means that the channel could be removed at any time.

While we’ll need to wait for Peacock to become available through the Channel Store, this is an option for those Roku users who are eager to start watching Peacock originals, NBC sitcoms, or US Open highlights.