Peacock Reached 24.5 Million Users in Q4, Showed $1.7 Billion Loss in 2021

Updated to break out paid premium subscribers and those subscribing with a pay TV bundle.

Streaming service Peacock hit 24.5 million monthly active users by the end of 2021, according to Comcast’s Q4 earnings report. In an earnings call to go over Comcast’s numbers, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said that Peacock’s premium paid tier has 9 million subscribers, while 7 million are subscribed through a bundle with Comcast or another pay TV distributor.

The company also shared in the report that its adjusted loss for the quarter was $559 million and $1.7 billion for the full year. For comparison, Peacock had a loss of $254 million in Q4 2020 and a $663 million loss for the entire year of 2020.

Peacock launched in April 2020 and became available nationwide in July 2020, with execs estimating that the service would break even in 2024.

In Comcast’s previous earnings report in October 2021, NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell noted that Peacock was on track to meet that goal.

“Everything on Peacock is heading in the right direction,” Shell said during the quarterly earnings call in October. “There’s really nothing, from a trajectory perspective, that’s any different than it was last quarter or the quarter before. All metrics are pointed up. Our usage continues to be great, our mix of users continues to be great. We added a few million more subs, more monthly active users.”