Peacock Reaches 33 Million Sign Ups

While Comcast lost cable viewers in Q4 2020, its streaming business has been booming. Comcast reported that Peacock has reached 33 million sign ups, up from 22 million signups reported in Q3.

As always, when talking about Peacock numbers, it’s important to note that Peacock has a free tier along with its premium paid tier. The company hasn’t shared how many of its users are watching with the free tier and how many are paying for a monthly subscription.

NBCUniversal has been working to continue growing Peacock, by bringing more sports content to the service when NBCSN shuts down and adding WWE content to the service in March.

Peacock also added The Office to its lineup this month, with seasons 3-9 available only to paying subscribers. Along with adding all seasons of the series, Peacock added “superfan” cuts, curated collections of themed episodes, “The Office Zen” channel, and more fun extras for Office viewers. With the series and extras being added after the close of Q4, we’ll have to wait for the next earnings call to see the impact of a fan favorite series being added to the service.