Peacock Reaches 42 Million Sign Ups

In Comcast’s Q1 earnings report Thursday, the company shared new subscriber numbers for Peacock. Peacock has 42 million sign ups to date across the US, up from 33 million sign ups reported for Q4 2020.

In Comcast’s earnings call, NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell said that about a third of those 33 million signups are monthly active accounts, reported The Hollywood Reporter. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts elaborated on viewer interaction with the streaming service, noting that Peacock has exceeded 1 billion hours watched, well ahead of schedule at “nearly double our plan.”

Comcast credits having streaming rights to WWE Network and The Office for the increase in sign ups. Peacock scored exclusive rights to WWE Network in January, with content moving over to the streaming service in March. The Office landed on Peacock in January, giving the streaming service a boost in sign ups at the beginning of the quarter.

Peacock added $91 million to Comcast’s video revenue for the quarter.