Philo is Raising Its Price to $25 Per Month

Philo is raising its monthly subscription price to $25 per month, up from $20, with its first price hike since launching in 2017.

Beginning June 8, new subscribers will pay $25 per month. Current Philo subscribers will keep their current package and their monthly price of $20 won’t change. You can sign up for Philo before June 8 to be grandfathered in to the $20 per month plan.

With the price hike, Philo is extending the time content can be saved in its unlimited DVR from 30 days to a full year. Current Philo subscribers can choose to upgrade to the new plan if they want to have the extended DVR time.

“As many of you know, our contracts with our content partners include fees we pay that go up every year, and a significant part of the cost of Philo is driven by our platform and billing partners,” said Philo CEO Andrew McCollum in a blog post Tuesday. “We are relentless in our focus on keeping our price low, so we do everything we can to reduce our overhead while managing these increasing costs. Even with those efforts, we can’t offset these rising costs indefinitely, and this change reflects that reality.”