Philo Launches Classic TV Collection (and a Fun April Fools Day Surprise)

Philo is launching a Classic TV collection today and, to make it a little more fun, Philo is giving subscribers the option to watch the content in black and white for one day only.

Just visit Philo’s Classic TV section to be transported back in time with PhiloVision, a black and white viewing experience. PhiloVision is only available until 11:59 pm PT tonight.

While Philo’s April Fool’s Day inspired throwback black and white theme is only available for one day, the Classic TV collection is here to stay for a while. Philo has curated the collection with “hilarious sitcoms, quirky detective shows, legendary sci-fi, westerns, and sketch comedy” including Walker, Texas Ranger, Gunsmoke, Golden Girls, Frasier, Columbo, and many more titles. The collection makes it easier to find your favorite shows from the past and suggestions for what to watch next.

Give Philo a try with a 7 day free trial. A subscription costs $20/month for over 60 channels. You can watch Philo wherever you like! Stream on your mobile Apple or Android device, watch on web browsers, cast on your FireTV, Roku, GoogleTV, and now Chromecast via Android devices.