Philo Reaches 800,000 Subscribers

Philo announced today that it now has 800,000 subscribers. Just 3 months ago, the skinny bundle streaming service shared that it was at 750,000 subscribers, a 300% increase year over year.

Since launching in 2017, Philo has continued to build its subscriber base by keeping its cost low while adding to its entertainment heavy channel lineup. Philo costs $20 per month for over 60 channels and CEO Andrew McCollum shared during the Stream TV show today that while he can’t say the price will never go up, he doesn’t see the service adding channels that would cause a price hike in the near future.

There was some talk of T-Mobile’s new TVision Vibe package creating some competition for Philo. McCollum and his team don’t seem to be concerned. While Philo is double the price of the $10 Vibe plan, T-Mobile customers are the only group with access to TVision for now and the service offers less than half the channels, along with charging extra for a DVR.

McCollum noted the disputes with programmers that T-Mobile faced just after launching, but commented that “the concept makes sense” while sharing that if Philo opted to add sports and news to its lineup in the future, it would likely create a similar model with separate plans.