Philo’s CEO Reconfirms Apple TV & Fire TV Plans & Chats with CCN About the Service

Yesterday at the Pay TV Show in Denver, Cord Cutters News had a great opportunity to interview Philo’s CEO, Andrew McCollum. Not only did we get to ask about the Apple TV and Fire TV plans but we also learned more about Philo.

During our talk, McCollum reconfirmed their plans to launch Philo on the Fire TV and Apple TV this summer. When asked why the wait, he said things like this take time. They are building everything from scratch with a 15-person team product team that builds the app. While that may seem like a lot of people, YouTube has a massive army of programmers and it took them almost a year to launch on Roku and the Apple TV.

Not only is Philo’s team of 15 people working on building new apps for more devices but the team is also working on maintaining the current platform. So only about six months after launch is a fairly impressive achievement if they pull it off.

McCollum also said that they hear the subscribers’ feedback and he personally has been paying attention to it. They are always looking at how they can balance a service to give subscribers everything they want within the limitations the service has.

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