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PlayStation Vue Adds More NBC Affiliates

Yesterday PlayStation Vue quietly added the NBC affiliate in Indianapolis to their lineup. This marks the start of a new effort form PlayStation Vue to add locals owned by smaller coampnies.

WTHR is owned by the Dispatch Broadcast Group who owns two local affiliates including CBS WBNS-TV and the NBF WTHR. Hopefully PlayStation Vue continues to add some of the smaller broadcast companies that other live TV services have yet to support.

This comes right after PlayStation Vue starts offering subscribers access to the $54.99 a month Elite plan that includes 90-plus HD channels for free. After the free upgrade ends, subscribers will automatically be returned to the plan they had before the free upgrade. According to our readers, the upgrade to the Elite package will end in July 2018.

Sony still has not commented on how it is picking which PlayStation Vue subscribers will get the upgrade. For now the selection seems to be almost at random because we first suspected that former Slim subscribers got the upgrade in exchange for the upcoming price hike; however, other readers say they already pay the higher price and still got the free upgrade.

If you want to find out if you got the upgrade and how long it will last log into your account and look at your account settings.

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One Response to PlayStation Vue Adds More NBC Affiliates

  1. 24fantothecore February 2, 2018 at 6:42 pm #

    Yes, WTHR is now showing up on PS Vue. I never expected this to happen so soon since I knew WTHR was owned by a very small broadcast company which I assumed would be near the bottom of the priority list. Now if PS Vue and Tribune would settle their contract dispute we could get back our FOX affiliate.