PlayStation Vue is Still for Sale & Could Be Sold to Multiple Buyers This Week

Exclusive: Cord Cutters News has learned that Sony still has PlayStation Vue up for sale. Sadly, not to keep the service running, but to sell off the tech behind the live TV streaming service.

According to our sources inside Sony, PlayStation Vue’s assets are now up for sale with multiple buyers trying to buy access to different parts of the service.

Sony is reportedly in talks with multiple live TV streaming services to sell them parts of PlayStation Vue technology. Sony is also trying to use the PlayStation 4 as a way to drive up the sale price of the service. According to reports, Sony is offering to add the winner’s app to the PlayStation 4. However, according to our sources, there may be multiple buyers for PlayStation Vue’s technology as it’s broken up into different parts.  So multiple streaming services may own the rights to add their apps to the PlayStation 4 once the sale is completed.

For years now, Sony has kept PlayStation game consoles free of any competitor service to PlayStation Vue. Services like Hulu could offer on-demand content, but not their live TV service. Others like Sling TV, YouTube TV, fuboTV, and more have been completely locked out of Sony’s gaming systems. Now it sounds like Sony wants auction off rights to have competitor apps on the PlayStation 4 as part of the bidding war for PlayStation Vue assets.

Whatever service is first on the PlayStation will likely have a huge leg up on getting the estimated 500,000 PlayStation Vue subscribers as Sony has reported that the PlayStation was the most popular device for PlayStation Vue subscribers.

Our sources declined to name the companies that are bidding on PlayStation Vue, but we did learn multiple live TV streaming services and maybe some none live TV streaming services are now bidding for the rights to PlayStation Vue’s assets and rights to be added to the PlayStation 4. The only way we may know who won though is when the winner’s app is added to PlayStation 4 in the months to come.

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