PlayStation Vue Is Up For Sale: Here Are 5 Buyers That Would Be the Best Fit

This week we learned that PlayStation Vue is for sale as Sony reportedly is losing money on the service while subscriber growth has slowed. Some reports have even said Sony is losing subscribers with PlayStation Vue.

So, who is most likely to buy the service? Let’s take a look at five companies that would be the best fit for Sony’s struggling live TV streaming service.


Last year T-Mobile announced plans to take on pay-TV services. So far that service has yet to launch. T-Mobile did buy Layer3 and rebranded it as Tvision, but so far that is only in a few markets. Buying PlayStation Vue would help jumpstart T-Mobile’s efforts to launch a true live TV streaming service.

The only hold up here is the fact that T-Mobile is stuck in a legal fight to merge with Sprint. T-Mobile may pass on PlayStation Vue until its current legal battle over the Sprint merger is resolved.


Walmart has reportedly been looking for ways to expand its business. Streaming has been one of the markets Walmart has focused on. Combining PlayStation Vue and Vudu could help Walmart find their badly needed new market to drive growth.

The question is will Walmart be willing to try and succeed where Sony failed.


Apple at one time had seriously considered launching a live TV streaming service only to later walk away from the idea and launch a more Netflix-like service in Apple TV+. According to reports, Apple couldn’t make the numbers work. A good deal on PlayStation Vue could make Apple reconsider a live TV streaming service.


According to reports, Amazon wanted to launch a live TV streaming service. Like Apple, Amazon found the cost too high and profit margins too low. A good deal on PlayStation Vue could make them think again.


A long shot may be DISH with their Sling TV brand. Combining Sling TV and PlayStation Vue could help Sling TV keep its lead over other services.

So, who do you think is most likely to buy PlayStation Vue? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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