Here Are The PlayStation Vue Markets That Will NOT See a Price Hike

Worried couple reading a letter sitting on a couch in the living room at homeThis week it was announced that Sony would be raising the price of their PlayStation Vue service on most subscribers. Yet some areas had already been paying the higher prices and this has caused a lot of confusion out there.

So we wanted to take a moment and list the areas that will NOT be seeing a price hike. First though maybe we should explain why these markets paid a higher price to start with.

Back when PlayStation Vue launched back in 2014 it was only available in a few cities like New York City. It started at the very high price of $60 a month and slowly over the next year or so started to add more markets. Before PlayStation Vue went nationwide in March of 2016 it was only available in New York, Chicago, Dallas, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and Philadelphia.

When PlayStation Vue went nationwide they announced that they would lower their price $10 a month to start at $29.99 for new areas. The markets they already serviced New York, Chicago, Dallas, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and Philadelphia did not see the price drop and would still have to pay $39.99 or more a month.Subscribers in the 203 new markets where sold what was called a new “Slim” bundle that didn’t offer locals and was $10 cheaper a month.

Now Sony is eliminating all of the slim bundles and raising the price in 203 markets $10 a month. But if you lived in one of 7 markets that already paid the higher price you will not see a price hike.

Here is The New Pricing for the 203 markets:

Here is The Old Pricing:

Sony also added a section to their Q&A on the PlayStation Vue site about the price change:

I heard PlayStation™Vue pricing is changing. Can you tell me more?

Effective 7/6/2017 for new customers, PlayStation™Vue plans will have the same nationwide pricing, as follows:

Access: $39.99/mo*

Core: $44.99/mo*

Elite: $54.99/mo*

Ultra: $74.99/mo*

If you are already subscribing at one of the prices above, your price will not change.

If you have Access Slim, Core Slim, Elite Slim, or Ultra Slim pricing, you will keep your current price for three billing cycles after the July 6 pricing change announcement. At the conclusion of this period, your monthly subscription will change (on your subscription renewal date) to the pricing above, based on the plan you have. If you upgrade, downgrade, or re-subscribe during this special pricing period, currently available pricing will apply.

*Taxes may apply.

The question now is how will this play out with DIRECTV NOW, Sling TV, Hulu, and others putting pressure on PlayStation Vue? Will they be able to keep their subscribers happy as they charge more for the same service?

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