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PlayStation Vue Website Now Promotes an Updated DVR

PlayStation Vue has made a few changes including adding the ability to stream regional sports networks out of market. Now it looks like that was just the start as recently they updated their website to promote the ability to have 10 PlayStation Vue profiles up from 5; however, that is not the biggest change. Now they are promoting the ability to keep your DVRed recordings as long as you want.

Over the weekend some readers pointed out that the PlayStation Vue’s website had been updated. Now when you go to the site you will find a section that says “DVR all your shows at once and store unlimited episodes on up to 500 programs.*” From the wording, it looks like Sony now plans to let you keep your recordings beyond the 28-day limit they previously had.

Here is what it looks like now on PlayStation Vue’s website:

In the past, you could DVR all the content you wanted but after 28 days it would auto delete from your account. Now the website does not mention the 28-day limit—at least on the home page. If you dig down into the FAQ you will find that they still list 28 day limit on the DVR. Yet the FAQ says nothing about a 500-program limit that is now promoted on the PlayStation Vue home page.

We did some digging and as best we can tell the 500-program limit has not be listed before. Last week Sony rolled out several new features to PlayStation Vue. It looks like they are about to do the same to their DVR.

Cord Cutters News is reaching out to Sony and will update this post if we learn more.

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