Plex Adds 18 More Channels to Its Free Streaming Lineup

Plex has added to its free streaming lineup again this month. This time, the free streaming service added 18 more music options, along with rebranding one existing channel. New channels include Nothin’ But 90s, Flashback 70s, and Today’s K-Pop. 

Here’s everything new on Plex.

  • INFAST (US and Canada) Fun & Amazing Stories To ignite your imagination.
  • INFAST No (US and CanadaFun & Amazing Stories To ignite your imagination.
  • Alternative (Worldwide) Enjoy all of the alternative hits you know and love, plus a few hidden gems from the ‘80s to today.
  • Easy Listening (WorldwideSettle in for pure relaxation with easy-listening hits by chart-topping artists you love.
  • Euro Hits (Worldwide) Enjoy Europe’s most popular and current music, including hits by local and international artists.
  • Flashback 70s (Worldwide) Flashback to one of the most explosive decades in music history when Woodstock and the last days of disco reigned supreme.
  • Hip-Hop/R&B (Worldwide) Experience the freshest beats by the hottest artists on today’s scene. They may have bite, but they’re still accessible!
  • Nothin’ But 90s (Worldwide) Rediscover ‘90s grunge, pop, hip-hop and country from an unforgettable era filled with hits.
  • Pop Adult (Worldwide This mix of contemporary pop and rock from today’s hottest artists also features classic hits that are always fun to revisit.
  • Qello Concerts by Stingray (Europe) Experience legendary full-length concert films and riveting documentaries featuring all of the artists you love.
  • Smooth Jazz (Worldwide) Explore the hottest contemporary jazz artists in a smooth-flowing soundscape, featuring guitars, saxophones, pianos, and trumpets.
  • Stingray Classica (US, Canada, Europe) Discover breathtaking classical music concerts, operas, and ballets from some of the grandest venues around the world.
  • Stingray Karaoke (US, Canada, Australia) Sing along to your favorite songs, from yesterday’s classics to today’s hits in all genres. It’s the perfect party icebreaker!
  • Stingray Karaoke (Europe) Sing along to your favorite songs, from yesterday’s classics to today’s hits in all genres. It’s the perfect party icebreaker!
  • The Spa (Worldwide) Calm your soul, soothe your body, and inspire your mind with purely instrumental electro-acoustic music.
  • Today’s K-Pop (Worldwide) Tune in to the captivating mega hits by today’s K-pop superstars. Fans in Korea and around the world just can’t get enough!
  • Y2K (Worldwide) Go back to the greatest memories of the millennial generation with iconic artists from the 2000s.
  • Éxitos del Momento (Worldwide) Turn up the heat with today’s great rhythms and beats guaranteed to bring out the Latin flare in everyone.
  • History Hit (US,Canada, & UK) – Rebrand Your history channel of compelling, stunning and captivating tales – from ancient Egypt to modern history.