Plex Launches Discover Tool & Watchlist to Simplify Finding Streaming Titles from Every Service

Plex is getting an update with two new features that will make it easier than ever for cord cutters to find out where content is streaming, keep track of favorite titles, and launch shows and movies without wasting time opening multiple apps.

Plex wants to be the only app you need to find any movie or show across all paid and free streaming services. A new Discover tool makes it easy to search for every title ever made and a new Watchlist allows you to created a customized list of movies and shows you’re interested in, no matter where they are and whether they’re currently available to stream or not.

Here’s more about these two new features on Plex.

Plex Discover

Millions of movies and TV episodes are available to stream across free and paid streaming services. With licensing deals changing monthly, the hard part is figuring out where those titles are currently living. That’s the problem the new Discover tool is here to solve.

Just go to and enter a title. Your search results will show you every service that’s currently streaming that title. From there, if your movie or show is streaming on a service you have, you can launch it from Plex, eliminating the time searching for something to watch. 

Plex Universal Watchlist

If the title isn’t available on a service you have, simply add it to the new Plex Universal Watchlist, a simple way to keep track of anything you want to watch, whether it’s available to stream now or not. Plex will let you know when those titles are available on one of your services. Come back to your list any time you’re not sure what you want to watch next, for a quick reminder of the titles you didn’t want to forget.

“We have been saying for years that our goal was to create a one-stop-shop for all the entertainment that matters to you, and today we put a massive piece of that puzzle in place,” said Keith Valory, CEO of Plex. “With new streaming services, movies, and shows constantly coming available, it’s time to tame the media chaos and that’s what we aim to do with these new features. In short, we know it’s painful to find what to watch. We just want to get you there as quickly as possible.”