Plex Reportedly Beta Testing Integration in Apple’s TV App

It looks like Plex could be testing integration with Apple’ TV app. The feature would potentially allow users to find and access Plex content via the app on iPhone, iPad, and other devices. 9to5Mac spotted tweets highlighting the feature in the newest TestFlight beta version of Plex’s app (version 7.14).

So far, users report the integration isn’t fully fleshed out just yet, with some saying content on their Plex server doesn’t always play correctly via Apple’s app. It’s possible the integration feature will focus on Plex’s own streaming service content rather than shows and movies stored on personal Plex servers.

Apple’s TV app, among other uses, can serve as something of a streaming hub, offering access to other streaming services, like Hulu, Prime Video, and more. And this latest beta suggests Plex is considering joining the party, though we’ll continue to keep on eye on the feature’s development to see just how extensive the app integration will be.

For now, there’s no official word on when, or even if, integration with Apple’s TV app will be available to the public. It’s also unclear if the feature will be available in all regions or limited to specific areas. But we’ll certainly keep an eye on Plex’s app releases to see if the new feature does make the cut in the future.