Plex Rolls Out ‘Modern Layout’ Update

Plex has rolled out an update to its user interface for Apple TV and Roku apps. Plex is calling it a “Modern Layout”with customizable features.

In a blog post, Plex shared that the goal was to best feature content using each title’s artwork, offer additional information about titles, and to have a layout that would allow every user to best use the platform in the way that works for them. So, in addition to the new modern layout, there are some features you can choose to turn on or off and some design aspects you’ll have more control over.

If you’re on a Roku or Apple TV (with others following shortly), now you can visit the Settings > Experience section of supported TV applications and see the options.

Here are the changes Plex outlined for the update:

  • Content Layout:
    This setting controls the layout used to display your content. Okay, so before you say “No, duh!”, this setting also controls whether “inline metadata” is displayed on the homescreen and the poster is displayed on detail pages.
    • Modern (the default): Displays artwork and “inline” details about the title on some screens when focused on a poster. This layout also prefers background artwork over posters on title detail pages.
    • Classic: No “inline” metadata is shown, displays title and additional information below posters, and prefers posters to artwork on detail pages.
  • App/Home Background:
    This setting allows the user to select the base background of the app (i.e.: the background used for the home screen, settings, etc…).
    • Artwork Colors (the default): Applies colors from the current title’s artwork to the background and gracefully (we hope!) transitions the colorfield as the title selection changes.
    • None: Displays the default background for the application (dark gradient).
  • Details Background:
    This setting controls the background displayed on the detail pages for items.
    • Artwork Colors (the default): Utilizes colors from the title’s artwork within the background on title detail pages.
    • Dimmed Art: Displays a full screen, dimmed version of the background artwork on detail pages.
    • None: The default background for the application is used for detail pages (dark gradient).