Plex’s DVR Now Auto Removes Commercials From Your Recordings

Over the weekend Plex updated their DVR fixing bugs and including a new feature. Now with this most recent update, Plex DVR will automatically remove commercials from your recordings.

Plex, the wildly popular media center software, has slowly been building up its DVR service. Now it is ready to take it out of beta and make it an official part of its Plex media server.

Now in your DVR settings, you will find an option to “Remove commercials”. According to the description the option will:

Attempt to automatically detect and remove commercials from recordings. This process may take a long time and cause high CPU usage. Portion of your recordings detected as commercials will be completely removed from your video files.

To use the Plex DVR feature, connect your antenna to your media center with an HDHomeRun or a USB Tuner. From there your media center or Nvidia Shield acting as a media center will allow you to record your shows and access them just like you would with any Plex server content. Now with this new feature, it will also remove commercials from your recordings like they never existed.

In addition to a tuner and antenna, users only need a Plex Pass, which costs $4.99 per month, $39.99 per year, or $149.99 for a lifetime subscription to use the Plex DVR feature and now the remove commercials option.

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