Pluto TV Adds G4 Select Channel to Free Streaming Lineup

The time is here, gamers. Today, a new G4 channel launched on Pluto TV, thanks to an exclusive partnership that makes Pluto the first FAST partner to distribute “G4 Select,”  the free ad-supported streaming version of G4’s content.

“We’re thrilled to partner Pluto TV to deliver G4’s content to their U.S. audience,” said Russell Arons, President, G4. “The OTT space, specifically FAST, has seen tremendous growth over the last couple of years, including an increase in demand for gaming content. The addition of Pluto TV to our unique distribution model provides G4 yet another opportunity to reach and serve our fans on the platforms they love.”

G4 officially announced it was making a comeback in October 2021. The network returned on November 16 and is available on Xfinity TV, Cox, and Verizon Fios and streaming on Philo. The network features gaming and pop culture content, along with live events.

G4’s new channel, G4 Select, brings viewers highlights from G4’s lineup of programming, including newly relaunched editions of legacy G4 shows including Attack the Show!Ninja Warrior, and Xplay, along with new content including Name Your Price and Scott The Woz, esports events, interviews, and more, specifically catered for the FAST audience. 

“G4 was a pioneer in gaming entertainment. As Pluto TV continues to ramp up offerings in the gaming space, we love that G4 is the perfect blend of current gaming culture, coupled with the nostalgic offerings that our viewers crave” said Scott Reich, SVP of Programming at Pluto TV. “The relaunch of G4 gives gamers, creators and fandoms alike more options to experience the thrill of gaming and the content they love – all for free on Pluto TV.”