Pluto TV Adds ‘Narcos’ to Its Lineup

Last week, we reported that Pluto TV had scored rights to the Netflix Original series “Narcos.” Now, you can catch episodes from Season 1 on the free streaming service.

Season 1 of “Narcos” is streaming weeknights at 10 pm ET, with catch-up episodes the following day beginning at 8pm ET. Binge watch marathons are airing Saturdays and Sundays, all for free on Pluto TV Crime Drama (channel 350).

“Narcos” follows the story of the rise of the cocaine trade in Columbia by telling the true stories of those involved with the drug kingpins in the late 80s and showing the impact the drug trade has had on crime, politics, and everyday life. The series also focuses on law enforcement as they target some of the most notorious leaders, including Pablo Escobar. Season three introduced viewers to the Cali cartel as business picked up in the United States. The series premiered as a Netflix original in 2015.