Pluto TV Adds Three New Channels to Its Lineup

Pluto has added three more channels to its streaming lineup. Tune in for two of ViacomCBS’ most popular reality TV shows and some more real life drama, straight from the courtroom.

Here are the new channels now available to stream on Pluto TV:

Pluto Courtroom

Channel 158

Hear ye, hear ye! Court is in session 24 hours a day on Pluto TV Courtroom. Watch Judge Judy, Judge Mills Lane, Hot Bench, and more of today’s most engaging courtroom series.

Jersey Shore

Channel 274

Yeah Buddy, get ready for the Jersey Shore channel, now on Pluto TV. Relive MTV’s biggest shows ever like Jersey Shore, the show that became a pop culture phenomenon, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation and Snooki & Jwoww. Follow the lives of your favorite roommates, from the shore to South Beach to Italy. Plus, all those famous phrases that you just have to hear again like, “GTL”, “CABS ARE HERE”, “T-SHIRT TIME” and so many more. Catch the shows that just keep pumping. Don’t miss Jersey Shore, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation and Snookie & Jwoww, now on Pluto TV.

Bar Rescue

Channel 293

The bar never closes with Bar Rescue on Pluto TV. Nightlife extraordinaire Jon Taffer uses his expertise and no nonsense, tough-love approach to transform struggling bars into thriving money-makers. He’s shutting down bartenders’ bad behavior, straightening out mixed up managers, and never backs down from a confrontational owner, leveraging his decades of business experience to whip these struggling bars back into shape. If it’s on the rocks, it’s his business.