Pluto TV Hits 22 Million Active Users as Strong Growth Continues

Today Viacom announced its 1st quarter 2020 earnings. In it, Viacom announced that Pluto TV now has 22 million active users as of December 2019, up from 20 million in October 2019. Pluto TV has grown by over 75% since January 2019. When Viacom purchased Pluto TV in January, it had just 12 million subscribers. (Note: this is the 4th quarter of the 2019 calendar year, but because of how Viacom does its accounting, it is the 4th quarter for Viacom.)

“In less than three months since completing our merger, we have made significant progress integrating and transforming ViacomCBS. We see incredible opportunity to realize the full power of our position as one of the largest content producers and providers in the world. This is an exciting and valuable place to be at a time when demand for content has never been higher, and we will use our strength across genres, formats, demos and geographies to serve the largest addressable audience, on our own platforms and others.” ViacomCBS said in a statement on its website.

Pluto TV added 43 new channels, including 24 Viacom-branded channels in the quarter. Pluto TV also now has 22 Latino channels with over 4,000 hours of Spanish and Portuguese programming.

Later today Viacom will hold its 1st quarter 2020 earnings call. Cord Cutters News will have full coverage of any news coming from the call.

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