Pluto TV – Our Roku Channel of The Week

Once again we are bringing back our weekly Roku Channel recommendations. (Don’t worry we are also going to do weekly Apple TV, Fire TV, and Android TV recommendations.) Do you have a service you think we should recommend? Leave us a comment and let us know.

Here is our quick look at Pluto TV on Roku:


Pluto TV

Developer: Pluto Inc.

Watch free TV on your Roku. Download now to enjoy news, sports, movies, TV shows, viral videos, cartoons and so much more, hand-picked by people who love entertainment. Stay informed with trusted sources like NBC News & MSNBC, Sky News, Newsy, The Young Turks and NewsMax. Access Pluto TV only channels like The Feed for the tech obsessed, WHAT?! for binge reality tv lovers, Funny AF featuring the biggest names in comedy and Hive, the only TV channel for gamers. Stay in for movie night with blockbuster films from Paramount. NEW FEATURES: Use your phone as a remote control & customize your channel guide with your favorite channels. Download now to start watching free TV. Entertaining the planet. Pluto TV.

You can add Pluto TV to your Roku here:

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  • AstroMonster

    Comet TV
    Live streams on PC, Roku, and Apple TV

    • Sunflower

      Already get that one over the air. Is the streaming channel different?

      • AstroMonster

        I don’t do anything OTA, so I can’t confirm or deny it.

        I can tell you that it is a live stream, the same one they do on their website…so I would assume it would be the same as the OTA except for maybe the commercials.

  • AstroMonster

    Travel Thru History

    Very cool VOD app / channel available on Android, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV

  • AstroMonster

    Goose Creek Drive in Theater (Roku)
    2 movies a week…done just like you were at the drive in

  • HiroRoshi

    The article misses the biggest new Pluto feature. OnDemand was added for Roku, Fire and maybe others. Doesn’t work on apps yet. They also recently got deals with MGM, LionsGate and Warner Bros. How could you miss this? Should update article.

    • AstroMonster

      I’ve been watching Alf on their VOD…lol…and I’m not ashamed to admit it

    • AstroMonster

      I found the Xive channel on Apple TV to be much better. The Roku version seems buggy to me

      • HiroRoshi

        Xive also has a free channel under Pluto. Works fine on Roku and Fire.

  • AstroMonster

    Apple TV has a cool, 100% free app for fans of Disney…

    Mickey Video

  • CW

    “Stay informed with trusted sources like NBC News & MSNBC”…LOL…Drive-By-Media? No Thanks.