Pluto TV Will Stream ‘Narcos’ for Free Beginning October 20

Pluto TV is getting a new addition to its lineup this month. The free streaming service has acquired rights to the Netflix show “Narcos” and will begin offering episodes from season one on October 20. Additional seasons will roll out through February.

“Narcos” follows the story of the rise of the cocaine trade in Columbia by telling the true stories of those involved with the drug kingpins in the late 80s and showing the impact the drug trade has had on crime, politics, and everyday life. The series also focuses on law enforcement as they target some of the most notorious leaders, including Pablo Escobar. Season three introduced viewers to the Cali cartel as business picked up in the United States. The series premiered as a Netflix original in 2015.

Pluto TV reported 33 million users at the end of June, a 60% increase year over year. Streaming overall has grown through the pandemic, and free streaming services like Pluto TV, in particular, have seen an increase in time spent watching.

“The business is growing like a weed,” said CEO Tom Ryan, in a report from Bloomberg.