Pluto TV Will Add 20 New Channels and 20,000 Hours of Content in a New Spanish Language Category

Pluto TV will expand its category of US Hispanic content on May 5 with the launch of Pluto TV en espanol. With the expansion, Pluto TV will double the amount of Spanish language channels to nearly 50.

The category, which launched as Pluto TV Latino in 2019, will be renamed as Pluto TV en espanol. The category will include over 45 channels, including existing channels, renamed channels, and 20 all new channels. The content will include movies, reality and scripted series, news, novelas, anime and more with select titles available on-demand, with a mix of original Spanish and content dubbed into Spanish.

“In 2019, we introduced a dedicated category for US Hispanics offering thousands of hours of free, Spanish-language, premium streaming entertainment and followed in 2020 launching Pluto TV across 17 Latin American countries. Now, we are building on that strategy and success by bringing even more programming, channels and genres to meet the increasing demand for streaming throughout the U.S. Hispanic community,” said Tom Ryan, President & CEO, ViacomCBS Streaming. “Pluto TV en español delivers the best of both worlds, a dedicated category of nearly 50 curated channels reflecting the multiethnic, multilingual diversity of the community alongside an additional 200 channels of streaming entertainment in English.”