Police Shutdown an Illegal IPTV Service With 50 Million Subscribers

Male hand holding TV remote control.Earlier today Police in Italy, the Netherlands, France, and Bulgaria raided multiple locations in an effort to shut down what they say is the back end of many illegal IPTV services. Xstream-codes.com is reportedly the company behind the software systems that run many IPTV services according to TorrentFreak.

“A multi-country action day coordinated by Eurojust in The Hague led to the dismantling of an international criminal network committing massive fraud with pay-TV, which shows organized crime expanding its illegal activities to large-scale violations of audiovisual copyright,” a statement from EU Eurojust said. “The damage caused by the criminal gang amounts to approximately €6.5 million, jeopardizing the existence of many legal providers of pay-TV on the market. More than 200 servers were taken offline in Germany, France and the Netherlands, and over 150 PayPal accounts of the criminals were blocked.”

Xtream-Codes offered an “all-in-one” solution to operate an IPTV service. According to police they now have control over the system and have reportedly cut off 5,000 clients servicing over 50 million customers around the world. Exactly what IPTV services used Xtream-Codes is unkown as is how much data the police got. It’s very likely they now know the names and locations of many of the 5,000 clients who sell the IPTV services.

Here is a video from police in Italy claiming to show the raid of Xstream-codes.com:

It seems the police are hoping that by taking out the back end many IPTV services use they will not just stop one IPTV service but dramatically make it more difficult for new IPTV services to be created. How successful that will be is unknown at this time but TorrentFreak reports multiple IPTV networks are being disrupted because of this raid.

This is breaking news we will update this post as we learn more.