Popular Piracy App Mobdro Taken Down, Four Arrested

Yet another illegal streaming service went dark recently and, after weeks of rumors that law enforcement was involved in the takedown of the Mobdro app, we now know more about what happened, thanks to a statement from Eurojust (European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation).

“With the support of Eurojust, the Spanish authorities have taken action to block the illegal streaming of football matches of major professional leagues via the Mobdro mobile application,” the statement begins.

It was originally reported that Mobdro was illegally streaming content to over 43 million users worldwide before Eurojust stepped in to shut the service down. That number has since been estimated to be closer to 100 million, making it the world’s largest private IPTV app.

“Eurojust coordinated an action day, which led to the search of four places and removing the possibility to upload the app via platforms and servers in Spain, Portugal and the Czech Republic,” the organization wrote.

As a result, one suspect was arrested by Spanish authorities and three others were taken in for questioning at that time.

TorrentFreak shared an update to the story today, reporting that three houses were searched, and four people were arrested, domains have been blocked, and bank accounts have been frozen.

In addition to bringing in revenue from advertising, TorrentFreak reports that Mobdro also had its users consent to an end-user license agreement that allowed the service to give a third party access to the user’s information allegedly including IP address, wireless name, and password. Another reminder to be careful of which services you’re signing up for and exactly what you’re agreeing to.