Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney+ all Claim Top Titles on Nielsen’s Streaming Charts

Each of the categories for the week ending July 4 was won by a different streaming service, putting streamer diversity as the theme for the week. Marvel’s Loki held on to the No. 1 spot in the Original category with 813 million minutes of viewing time across its 4 episodes, down slightly from when it first premiered. Amazon Prime Video’s Bosch saw a resurgence with 490 million minutes clocked, with Netflix’s Lucifer in third place with 450 million.

Netflix stole the show in terms of acquired titles, leading with Manifest which had the most viewership overall with 1,869 million streaming minutes. The series has a massive fan following that was outraged when the show got the ax after three seasons despite a successful run. Now rumors are circulating that Netflix and NBC may be in talks with WarnerBros TV about possibly renewing the series for a fourth season.

The Tomorrow War did pretty well for itself on Amazon, pulling in 1,229 minutes of streaming time during its opening week. The Chris Pratt sci-fi movie premiered on Prime Video July 2, so these numbers were reached in just 2 days of being available.

Nielsen has recently added a “Total” tab to its Top 10 display graphic, making a handy way to see how titles performed overall. Some of the most popular streaming titles for the week held similar demographics’ interests, including Marvel’s Loki on Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video’s The Tomorrow War which both have viewers who are typically males age 35-40. By contrast, Luca, which landed in third place has a general viewership demographic of females age 2-11.