Prime Video’s Thursday Night Football Will Become Interactive Begining Tonight with Fan-Polling via X-Ray

Amazon is going all-in on making Thursday Night Football an interactive experience. The company announced that tonight’s NFL game will be the first one to include fan-polling via their X-Ray feature on Prime Video. The feature will be available on Android devices at launch and will allow fans to predict “Who will score first?” or “Who will throw for the most yards in the first half?”

With this interactive experience, NFL buffs will be able to put their knowledge to the test in real-time against viewers across the country. Pollsters will have 2 opportunities to predict in-game action, once before kickoff and once during halftime. The questions will reflect the two teams and their athletes that are on the gridiron, and they’ll be inspired by social media, storylines, fantasy sports, and etc.

The results of the poll will appear live, so you can compare your answers with other viewers that voted. The best part is that you’ll see how everyone fared as the game progresses.

Amazon’s blog lays out how to use the new feature:

1. Before kickoff – join the Prime Video TNF stream on any Android device. To begin, either select the fan polls notification, or open X-Ray by flipping your phone into portrait mode, then tap the “Fan Polls” tab.

2. Once polls are open – you can choose from the multiple-choice options to make your predictions. You’ll be able to edit your picks until polls are locked right before kickoff.

3. Once the game begins – you can see how other viewers responded. During the game, questions will be answered by outcomes on the field, and you can see the correct answers displayed within X-Ray.

4. At halftime – you will receive another notification to go back and predict how the game will end, with a list of new questions specific to the second half. Once again, polls lock at kickoff and are answered throughout the third and fourth quarters.

5. At the end of the game – all questions will appear, and results are visible within X-Ray. If you answered at least one question, you will receive a notification inviting you to check your results and see how you fared against other fans

This move is another example of tech companies enhancing the sports streaming experience. Earlier this year, we reported that fuboTV introduced free-to-play in-app games during the CONMEBOL matches. The Bally Sports app has plans to allow gamification and in-app betting next year.

Fan-polling on X-Ray is expected to evolve over time, with more features and capabilities being added regularly. It is available on Android devices at launch and will expand to other devices and sports properties next year. Fans can give Amazon feedback on fan polling at the company’s NFLonPrime Twitter.

Be sure to check out fan-polling on X-Ray during tonight’s game between the Patriots and Falcons. Find out how to watch Thursday Night Football and all of the NFL’s Week 11 games here.