Public Libraries: The Great, Free Cord Cutting Tool

87885327_b0db9347cf_oCord cutters have access to many great tools, but sadly some of the best tools are often overlooked. One of these tools is your local public library. Libraries offer several great services for cord cutters that many do not even think about.


Many public libraries are starting to offer free streaming—everything from current movies and TV shows to older content—for members of the library.

Hoopla Digital is one of the leaders in streaming content for local libraries. Not only can you get movies and TV shows but you can also get books, audio books, and more.

Drop by your local library and ask for more information because each library will offer different options and services.

DVDs and Bluerays

Your local library is also a great place to get free DVD and Blueray rentals of a ton of movies and TV shows. Skip Red Box and other movie rental places and just drop by your library to check out free DVDs.

The best part: instead of renting just one DVD like Netflix allows you to do, you can get the whole series of movies or show season DVDs.

So head to your local library and check out what they have to offer. Libraries offer a lot more than just books.

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