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Avatarcoolraul07 asked 2 years ago

I’ve been a Verizon FIOS customer for 9 years,  My most recent 2-year contract just expired, so of course my rate jumped >$30/mth.  I called in to get as close to the “new customer” deal as possible (Gbit downloads, Netflix, etc.).  The best deal they offered was to give me Gbit Internet (currently 50/50), but keep me at the same price, no NetFlix or any other bonuses.  To add insult, that price would only be for 1 yr but the contract would be for 2 yrs!
Previously I was told that I could leave FIOS for 60 days and come back as a new customer, but this time they said I’d have to be gone for 6 months!
My only viable option is Comcast, but I’m hesitant to go back to them even for a few months because of video quality issues.
Do you guys have any advice for me to twist Verizon’s arm?  They know I could go right back to Comcast (I didn’t tell them about my prior problems with them), but don’t want to budge.  You’d think they’d value a long-term customer but they only want the shiny new customers.

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AvatarLuke Bouma Staff answered 2 years ago

My suggestion is switch to cable for a year (getting their new customer rates and switch back to Fios. I do that to get the best possible deals. Takes about 2 hours every other year but saves a ton of money. 

AvatarJoe Viking answered 2 years ago

Check their written verbiage for “Customer”.  If it states something like ‘offer not valid for/to current customers’, per a Comcast dude I spoke with once (now I know you’re talking FIOS, not Comcast), you cancel your subscription. Then 2 days later sign up as a new (non-current) customer.  Ya, it’s a pain I’m sure. Unfortunately I can’t personally attest that it works.  But if we can’t hold them true to their written requirements, it seems it should.
If/when you DO cancel, they’ll suddenly discover that they do have a better deal for you (like you stated).  Tell them that as a long term customer in good standing, that offer is unacceptable. The simpleton rep may then ask for you to talk to their ‘supervisor’, in which they may offer a ‘don’t tell anyone else’ special. As Luke commented, spend time, save $.