Anybody else not getting ads during movies on tubi?

QuestionsCategory: Streaming ServicesAnybody else not getting ads during movies on tubi?
Avatargameaddict4life asked 2 years ago

Just wondering if anybody else is not getting ads during movies on tubi because I am. I’ve gotten ads in the past but I was just able to watch two movies and I didn’t see a single ad. I’m using a Firestick 2. No mods or anything. I am a registered user on tubi but I was seeing ads after registering so I don’t think that has anything to do with it.

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Avatargameaddict4life answered 2 years ago

Must have been some IP address strangeness because Vue wasn’t working due to a blocked IP address at the same time I wasn’t getting ads on Tubi. Did a power cycle on the modem/router which allowed Vue to work again but also brought back ads on Tubi.
Have since switched to Hulu Live TV which is much improved on the Fire Stick 2 and Fire TV 2 since I last tried it a few months ago. Stream quality no longer pauses and rewinds constantly and the redesigned guide is a big improvement over the old horizontal guide. Still it’s missing some channels and my locals are wrong due to my roaming ISP but for the money I’d recommend it over Vue. Especially since Vue is having some compatibility problems with my Fire devices (white screens, black screens, pausing, etc.)