Comcast vs CentryLink for speed

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dandgage asked 11 months ago

I currently have Comcast blast bundled with locals and free DVR and HBO, this deal is expiring though.  I’ve had CentryLink come by my house and offer 40 mbps fiber-optic dedicated speed for around $55 a month, is that speed comparable to Comcast’s “up to” 250 mbps shared hub speed?  We sometimes have have 3-4 people streaming at once, and occasionally my son online games, we rarely buffer now but I don’t want to pay Comcast’s non-deal price for blast.  Would CentryLink’s speed be good enough for us?  Thanks in advance.

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Luke Bouma Staff answered 11 months ago

I would shop around and see who can give you the best deal. 250 Mbps is more than enough to be a cord cutter. Here are a few tips that may help.

JohnD508 answered 11 months ago

I would call Comcast when the agreement is up and threaten to cancel and switch to CentryLink, they will almost always offer you a good deal to stay.  Always worked for me.

dandgage answered 11 months ago

Thank you both, calling Comcast is what I’ve always been able to do, but this is the first time there’s been a competitor in my area.  I guess I’m wondering is how does the 40mbps dedicated fiber-optic speed compare to Comcast blast, since it’s fiber-optic and dedicated not on a shared hub is it just as fast?  Also I never get higher than 100mbps on any speed test, would having 150 still be fast enough? (in case they don’t throw in blast on my next deal, it’s a $30 upgrade now).  We current just stream for the most part, I only use Comcast’s locals to occasionally watch sports since they threw it in on the bundle, I have no buffer now, just wondering what I can possibly step down to and not lose performance but save money if need be.  I hope that makes sense, and sorry for the wordy response.