DirecTV Now Buffering?

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Avatarikissfutebol asked 1 year ago

I tried DirecTV Now last holiday season and it was unwatchable. I have since hardwired my Roku TV to the network. I see they have a $10/month for 3 months deal. I made a comparison table of channels we want compared to price. DirecTV Now has 4 more channels for the same price as Hulu (second place) so it makes sense to go that route…if it works. Hulu has actually had a series of issues with audio/video syncing issues lately with Live TV content only so I have been considering leaving.
So to recap – my TV is wired to 60 meg internet. I have a Roku TV. We can deal with a poor user interface or one that is a little slow. We cannot deal with service that is constantly or nearly constantly buffering.