DirecTV NOW on Win7/Chrome

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Avatartheoldwizard1 asked 2 years ago

I have several PCs all run Win7/Chrome.  All of them are “up to date”.  DirecTV NOW works fine on one of them and on the the other I get a black screen (within Chrome). I have spent a fair amount of time with chat personnel doing all of the “typical” things (clear cache/cookies, incognito, etc.) with no joy. The Javascript console showed SEVERAL errors
Both chat session end with the assurance that my problem would be escalated and I would be contacted.  Of course I have had no response
Anyone else having a similar problem ?  Has it been resolved ?
Is there any way to ESCALATE this problem ?

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AvatarLuke Bouma Staff answered 2 years ago

If you can I would try a different device to contact DIRECTV NOW. The issue may be that you are using Windows 7 I am not sure if DIRECTV NOW supports that.