DVR Options to add time to live events

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Avatarrandaltw asked 1 year ago

Great site and look forward to browsing the topics each morning.
I’ve yet to come across a matrix similar to the head to head streaming services comparison on the DVR options available.  And I don’t mean just a checkbox specifying that any particular service has the DVR option.  I mean a comparison on how well the DVR technology is implemented within each service.  Have you been able to dig that deep yet?
For my OTA, I have antennas and Tivo Roamio’s + Mini’s, so I admit I am completely spoiled with what I can do with my DVR (30 sec skip, skipmode, quickmode, wishlist search, season pass).  A couple times a year, I’ll buy a month of OTT (usually Oct and Mar), to supplement OTA with sports on major networks.  But I cannot watch them live, a truly miserable experience once you are all-in with time shifting your tv watching life, so I’m always looking for a DVR functionality with the streaming service.
I try to keep my expectations low, I know I won’t get commercial skip (skipmode) or quickmode (30% faster tv watching without the audio getting screwy) and most streaming services with DVRs have done a fine job with skips and season passes.
So I thought for sure, the one thing that was a no-brainer for any DVR technology would be the ability to add time to the recording.  I.e. “I see you are recording a live sporting event, would you like to add extra time to your recording?”
Can’t tell you the number of times this month I’ve invested 3 hours into a playoff baseball game to end up missing the last inning or two of play.
Are there any streaming services with DVRs that allow you to customize the recording time?  I would think fubo but these places don’t seem to like to share the details down to that level prior to purchase.