ETFs- Is it worth it to cut early?

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Avatarcyberdougherty asked 2 years ago

I have about 10 months left on my Fios TV package and plan to cut the cord when it is up. Honestly I’m ready to do it now, but not if I can’t get out of the contract with reasonable ETFs that I could make up with the savings. Anyone have any experience with this with Fios? What is the right timing to start looking to cut?

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AvatarLuke Bouma Staff answered 2 years ago

That is something you need to run the numbers on. For example, when my wife and I got married we both had our own cell phone plans. We ran the number and if we waited two months we could pay the ETF and save money by getting a joint plan.

So run the numbers find out when you will save money. 

Avatarcyberdougherty answered 2 years ago

Thanks for that info. The challenge is, where do we find info on the Fios ETFs? From what I can tell they are not published anywhere. I guess I just have to call them and tell them my plans?

AvatarLuke Bouma Staff answered 2 years ago

I would call them and find out. 

AvatarJohnD508 answered 2 years ago

When I wanted to cancel FiOS TV it ended up being $15 a month.  Of course your contract/fees could be completely different then mine was.  Like Luke said the best bet is to call and ask them, then go from there.