How to get live locals on more than one TV using an antenna

QuestionsCategory: RokuHow to get live locals on more than one TV using an antenna
AvatarPeteTrax asked 2 years ago

I am a recent cord cutter.  My TVs and Rokus are connected via WiFi to my IoT network.  I have a Mohu Leaf antenna connected to a Samsung Smart TV. This setup works great for this TV.  This TV also has a Roku Streaming Stick + attached.  I added a second TV into the mix for a guest room.  It has a Roku Express.
Question 1: I would like to get live locals on the guest TV.  I noticed there is a Roku Channel for Air TV but I am not sure if that would allow me to have a Roku channel on the Roku home screen for Local Lives?
I know Sling integrates Air TV into its channels but I would like to have the live locals on the home page of Roku in a similar way to the WatchAir antenna channel.  I can talk about what I have learned about this product in another discussion as well.
I would prefer to have my live locals as a channel in Roku separate from Sling for flexibility.  There if the AirTV channel on Roku will host the live locals outside of Sling that would be ideal.
Question 2:  If I were to get an AirTV box would it enable me to host the live locals via the Roku Air TV channel on my guest TV?

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AvatarLuke Bouma Staff answered 2 years ago

I would look at something like the Air TV from Sling or the Tablo DVR. Both will take your antenna and stream it out to the different Roku devices you have around your house.