Hulu Live TV locals changing due to a roaming ISP

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Avatargameaddict4life asked 2 years ago

Is there a way to set your location permanently in Hulu for locals or is it solely based on your ISP? I tried changing my location in the Hulu Account screen but it says home cannot be changed because you are home. When I first subscribed to Hulu Live TV a few days ago my locals for FOX, ABC, NBC and CBS were all correct but after doing a power cycle on the router the local affiliates are now incorrect. For some reason my ISP roams. Is there any way to tell Hulu my location for correct locals or will they just change according to my ISP?

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Avatarkenkeyessr answered 2 years ago

I just went through this same issue with Directv Now.
I even tried going with a “static” ip address, unfortunately, my isp provider assigns the “static” ip to their Central Office location which was still out of my geographic area.
I am hopeful that somebody would come with a simple “VPN” type of fix without going through more expense.