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Avatarjohnhunter247 asked 12 months ago

I am new to trying to cut the cord. I want to know if any of the streaming services offer local channels where I can record and watch local news, sports and my favorite shows during primetime. I would think that advertisers flipping the bill for commercials has to realize that consumers are cutting the cord in great numbers and they would want to make their commercial spots during the shows they pay premium dollars for  available to all.

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AvatarLuke Bouma Staff answered 12 months ago

You really should look at an antenna and a DVR to record it. Most Americans can get their locals for free with an antenna. Depending on where you live DIRECTV NOW, PlayStation Vue, Hulu, YouTube TV, and fuboTV offer locals streaming online. 

This post may also help you get ideas: https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/watch-cbs-without-paying-cable-tv-2/

Avatarmiket answered 11 months ago

What city are you in. (What city provides your locals.) The previous answer works – but that would mean you would need to set up 2 systems. One for local channels. One to stream “cable type” channels.
Most of the major streaming services have most locals in most areas. Each of theie sites will tell you what channels they have. IF you want an operational DVR service, all the major ones have one EXCEPT ATT’s DirectTV Now. They might have one operational (they claim) by end of June. They have been saying any month now since last summer.