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Avatarkwatson562 asked 1 year ago

Hi, I just moved and received my first cable bill — $215!!!!!!!!!!!  This includes all of the channels both me and my child watch.  After receiving this bill, I’ve decided to finally cut the cord! I dont want to give Cox Cable any more of my money than I have to so I want to purchase my own modem/router (rather than pay a monthly rental fee).  Which ones will work with their internet?  Should I buy them separately or two in one?  Unfortunately, Cox is the only big internet provider in my area so I cant go anywhere else.

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AvatarJoe Viking answered 1 year ago

I’m in the same boat regarding COX being the only ‘big’ internet provider.  As far as which modems will work, look here:  The router can be any router you want.
I bought mine as separate units (1 modem, 1 router) with the theory being if one or the other goes out (breaks), you only need to replace the one.  However that was about 5 years ago and they’re both still working great.