OTA reception gets worse as the day goes on

QuestionsOTA reception gets worse as the day goes on
AvatarTJH132 asked 1 year ago

Hi all, I cut the cord a year ago and have had one ongoing problem:  The OTA signal gets worse as the day goes on, making tv watching and recording nearly impossible.  I’ve used the my.hdhomerun.com page to test signal strength and quality numbers:  Early in the morning, all major networks have 90-100% signal STRENGTH and 80-90% signal QUALITY.  With those types of numbers, I have excellent picture.  By afternoon, strength has decreased by about 10% and quality by about 20-30%. My set up is fairly straight-forward:  Mohu Sky 60 antenna on the roof (pointed in the direction of the towers, even though it is supposed to be omni-directional), HDHomerun Connect tuner, and PlexPass for recording. This summer alone, I’ve had to give up on OTA and buy seasons of OPB shows and CBS shows.
Any ideas?